It’s been 4 years since cannabis was legalized — where are we now?

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In 2022, the legal cannabis industry will celebrate its fourth anniversary in Canada. Yes, four years have already passed since Canada became the first G20 country to legalize cannabis throughout its territory! Let’s take stock of the situation.

Legal cannabis is gaining in popularity
In the most recent survey on cannabis consumption in the country , Health Canada revealed that consumers are now more likely to get their supplies from authorized suppliers than from the illegal market. Fifty-three percent (53%) reported they had made a purchase from a legal storefront, an increase from 41% in 2020. This is a great victory for the Canadian industry!

Canadian consumers also take advantage of this growing trend. As we all know, Health Canada established and enforced a strict system of production, distribution and sales, taking a public health approach, with the regulation of quality and safety. As a result, by purchasing legally grown cannabis, consumers are guaranteed to get their hands on a product of consistent quality that meets the highest standards in terms of safety, health and traceability. It’s a win-win situation!

Dried cannabis still rules Canada’s regulated recreational market
The Health Canada study also tells us about the types of products that are most popular among consumers. Four years after the legalization of recreational marijuana, the dried flower and leaves still represent the most common form of cannabis in the country (66%).

Nevertheless, other products are making remarkable progress on the Canadian market. Edibles, vape pens, cannabis oil for oral use, and cannabis beverages also find their market share in Canadian provinces that permit the legal sale of these products.

Our knowledge of the plant continues to expand
Are we growing cannabis as we did four years ago? Not quite. In this industry, you always have to be one step ahead. Our master growers will attest: the cannabis plant has not revealed all its mysteries to us yet. And this is why we work together to further our knowledge.

At Origine Nature, we want to continue to develop science in this field. Our R&D licence allows our team of experts to hold research activities in our laboratories. Their objective for the next few years is to understand the effects of terpenes on the properties of the plant when combined with THC. A fascinating universe for our biochemists to explore.

Legal cannabis: becoming a green industry
Is growing weed good or bad for the environment? As sustainability crops up on every corporate radar, Origine Nature takes this issue very seriously. We make the growing of the green as green as can be. Our efforts to find eco-friendly solutions for a greener future will intensify in the coming months. We have joined forces with other producers and environmental stakeholders to develop efficient ways to manage cannabis waste. Sustainable cannabis growing methods are the future of the industry!


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