Fleur de Lise - La Voûte

100% cultivated in Quebec

Origine Nature

Origine Nature offers two strong, renowned lines, each featuring a range of superior-quality products, 100% cultivated in Quebec. Our priority is to enhance all the properties you seek in cannabis while ensuring that our products contain the most popular cannabinoids and terpenes, in their purest form.

Fleurs de Lise

Fleurs de Lise is the original experience between plant and being. It’s the ability to appreciate simple, authentic things and to anchor ourselves in the present moment, soaking up everything that surrounds us. The name is a reference to our Quebec roots, our authenticity, and our desire to be strong, solid people living in harmony with nature.

Fleurs de Lise is 100% cultivated in Quebec and grown for those whose happiness lies in pure moments of innocence, inseparable from what truly shapes us.

Fleurs de Lise is a product that reflects who we are. An exceptional quality-price ratio. An authentic experience.

Origine Nature
La Voûte
Origine Nature

La Voûte is a hidden and sacred place. The name is synonymous with mysterious, secret and rare. It symbolizes knowledge, the past, audacity and exclusivity.

La Voûte is 100% cultivated in Quebec for the elite, for connoisseurs seeking superior-quality cannabis and excellence.

La Voûte is a signature product. An excellent quality-price ratio. A superior symbolic experience.


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